Less Operations

Humalect is a reliable self-service DevOps automation platform. Deploy apps and environments in your cloud account in minutes.

Save 1000s of precious developer hours and infrastructure costs

Developer Productivity

On average, dev teams spend more than 15 hours every week on configuration & management of infra. With Humalect, developers push code to GitHub, and we take care of the rest, saving you 1000s of precious developer hours otherwise spent on managing your infra. see more

With in-built integrations for monitoring and logging enabled, you can enable your team to release more often and deliver high-quality products confidently. see less

Unlimited one-click
stable environments

Inconsistent environments lead to downtime and deployment issues. With Humalect, you get unlimited one-click stable environments that help you scale and deploy seamlessly.see more

Developers no longer lose hours fixing environments and instead focus on building products. Your teams collaborate better with complete transparency among various teams. see less

Save $$$
on your cloud and infra costs.

Is your cloud bill bleeding your budget? Humalect helps you save $$$$ on your cloud and infra costs. Everything runs in your own cloud account, so no worries about migration debt or lock-in. see more

We also collaborate with partners to help you save up to 57% on your AWS bills. All in all, with Humalect, you can serve your customers better while keeping your infrastructure costs in check. see less

and Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a game-changer if you are adopting containers. But getting your developers to learn, set up, and maintain this beast will take much of your mental peace.see more

You get the power and scalability of k8s without the headache of running the platform on your own. Scaling with Kubernetes is faster, performance-oriented, and hassle-free for developers. see less


Want to implement a multi-cloud strategy for cost control, reliability, and scalability but find it expensive and hard to manage? Humalect platform helps you manage multiple clouds from just one portal as if it were just one cloud.see more

One central control plane helps you share all app configurations and environment metadata and lets you replicate stable deployments across cloud providers in a few clicks.see less

How does it work?

Connect your cloud account with Humalect
Connect your code repositories
Integrate your favorite tools
Create your environments
Deploy your app in minutes

Connect your favorite external tools to a
single platform in a few clicks.

Deploy your apps on your
cloud securely and seamlessly

Deploy with ease

Hit ‘Deploy’ and spend just minutes not hours.

No lock-in

We will never lock you in, it’s a promise.


We follow the best industry practices

Pay for what you use

Pay per user and only for what you use

Multiple environments

Independent configurations for each environment


Open-source and runs on k8s from day one.

Deploy in your cloud, and get started in minutes