Use Cases

Whether it is a multi-cloud environment setup, environments as a service, or IaC & CD, Humalect has a wide range of use cases for Developers & DevOps Engineers.

Multi-Cloud Environments

Replicate your environments and infrastructure across any cloud provider using our cloud-agnostic blueprints, in just a few clicks.

Multi-cloud Infrastructure

Set up your app’s infrastructure in a cloud-agnostic way and enjoy zero downtime forever.

Migrate between Different Cloud Providers

Humalect lets you set up your infrastructure from scratch (Git to deploy) in less than 30 mins. So, switch cloud providers like anything without experiencing disruption.

Zero lock-ins or Migration Debt

Humalect deploys everything in your cloud account. So, no Lock-Ins or migration debt. You can move out of our platform in under 2 mins if you decide to break up with us.

Environments as a Service (EaaS)

Get on-demand ephemeral and stable environments for development, staging, testing, and production in just a few clicks on Humalect.

Unlimited Stable Environments

Get access to unlimited stable environments for FREE on Humalect. Focus on building, and leave DevOps to Humalect.

Replicate Environments on the Fly

Don’t spend your precious developer hours waiting around for stable environments. Replicate environments on the fly as and when you need them with Humalect.

Infinitely Scalable Environments

NEVER worry about scalability of environments ever again. Create infinitely scalable environments that grow to accommodate your needs.

Automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and DNS

Humalect automates everything, be it terraform creation or how you manage your DNS entries, application firewalls, CDNs, or SSL certs

Automated SSL

Every deployment through Humalect will be completely secured with automated SSL certificates.

Auto-generated Terraform

Build & use Infrastructure as Code with auto-generated Terraform templates. Spend more time building, less time troubleshooting and debugging.

Managed DNS and Application Firewalls

All clusters spun up through Humalect have auto-managed DNS. Never worry about DNS routing, load balancers, CDNs, or firewalls again.

Built-in Continuous Deployments (CD)

Continuously deploy your applications securely in your cloud account at scale. 

Git to Deploy in a Click

Humalect deploys your commits automatically when you select auto-CD pipelines

Auto-generated Dockerfile

Save time with the freedom to use the latest technologies and maintain consistency with standardized Dockerfile templates that adhere to best practices.

Auto-generated YAMLs

Never worry about structure and syntax of YAMLs with simple or intricate infrastructure setups. Humalect auto-generates YAMLs and incorporates updates based on the latest configurations.

Faster Go-to-Market for Your Apps and Features

Focus on building and leave your DevOps to Humalect.

Onboard in Less than 30 mins

Just bring your cloud account and code repositories and Humalect helps your set up your infrastructure, CI/CD, application deployments, security, and observability in minutes.

Production-Grade Clusters with Continuous Security Monitoring

Use our extensions and integrations to continuously scan all your cloud accounts, infrastructure, and applications for any security vulnerabilities.

Ready for Scale from Day 1

Want to build and iterate fast but are compromising readiness for scale? Humalect has you covered, all our deployments and infrastructure pieces are made to scale as and when you grow!

What people are saying 

Mudit Marda
Co-Founder and CTO, Drife

We've been using Humalect from their (and our) early days. Prior to our engagement with them, we were just using VMs to manage our entire infra and partnering with them helped us move into container-based architecture managed by Kubernetes. Their platform has helped us manage our K8s clusters, environments, repositories, deployments, and more, in just a few clicks and all from one place! It has also saved us a lot of effort of having to create our own pipelines and having to manage any pipeline infrastructure or any K8s clusters or auto-scalers. All in all, working with the Humalect team has been a pleasure. Their support is impeccable and will not let you face outages or downtimes, almost as if having an extension of your own DevOps team.

Mukul Sharma
Co-Founder and CTO, Qricle

We initially set up our product’s infra using Humalect. We had to enter the market as soon as possible with our product, this left us no option but to look for a solution that could handle our whole infra configuration. Humalect did it perfectly by directly connecting to our Github repo and integrating it with our CI/CD pipeline. Humalect made it easier for our developers to configure development and production environments to better test our product, and make it Kubernetes-ready from day zero. It also helped us to go into the market and validate our product as soon as possible. This helped us raise our first round of investment. The founders were very active and energised to listen to feedback and solve all our queries within just a few hours.

Co-Founder of a Virtual work experience platform

Before using Humalect, managing our infrastructure was a nightmare. We spent countless hours on manual installations and troubleshooting, and even then, we weren’t confident that our cloud was set up correctly. With Humalect, all of that changed. The quick and easy setup process made it a breeze to get started, and the user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to manage our clusters, applications, and resources. Plus, the automated scaling ensures that our cluster can handle any workload, which gives us peace of mind. I highly recommend Humalect to any developer looking to simplify DevOps.

Co-Founder of a Talent Assessment platform

Our deployment process was manual and error-prone. When we were considering hiring external DevOps help, we discovered Humalect. Their team has been amazing, and the product has been very useful. We are able to ship much faster with it. Our devs love not having to worry about infra and deployment now!